White gold is turnin

Why your white gold ring turns yellow

My white gold ring turned yellowish This is a customer complaint that we hear about almost on a daily basis. A quick internet search reveals numerous consumer complaints and inaccurate explanations as to the cause of white gold looking yellowish. We hear about all the new white gold alloys that supposedly eliminate this issue. However, […]
White gold rings dipped

Can I have my white gold rings dipped?

Dipping? There’s no dipping in quality plating! Often we are asked by our customers if they can have their white gold rings dipped. While we understand and appreciate that the term “dipping” is a convenient description used by the general public and sales people working at your local jewelry store, it makes us smile and […]
Allergic to white gold jewelry

Allergic to white gold jewelry? Now what?

Allergic to your white gold jewelry? Now What? You have had your white gold wedding rings and jewelry for years and all of sudden you have developed a painful skin rash. Every time you wear your white gold it happens and it seems to be getting worse. You have searched the internet and have read […]