Can I have my white gold rings dipped?

White gold rings dipped
There's no dipping in plating.

Dipping? There’s no dipping in quality plating!

Often we are asked by our customers if they can have their white gold rings dipped. While we understand and appreciate that the term “dipping” is a convenient description used by the general public and sales people working at your local jewelry store, it makes us smile and frown at the same time.

For those of us who offer professional plating services “dipping” implies a quick and easy process that requires only a few minutes while you wait.

In a typical scenario, your local jeweler disappears to the back of the store and returns in a few minutes with your ring brightly plated in rhodium. You barely finished eating one of their cookies. That was easy, it looks great and they are so friendly too. It can’t be complicated because it didn’t take very long.

Based on this experience it is understandable why the term “dipping” is so popular with the public.

Dipping into your wallet

However, don’t be surprised if your white gold rings needs re-plating in a few months. When this happens, the term “dipping” is a well deserved description.

That’s actually OK if you enjoy visiting your jewelry store as part of your social “dipping” requirements. Frankly, the only dipping we see are customers “dipping” into their wallets to pay for jewelry plating that does not last very long. Hey, but the cookie was free!

Don’t dip your white gold rings, Immerse!

For real and responsible plating professionals, re-plating your jewelry and heirloom items require several careful process steps.

For those of you who don’t want to keep dipping your favorite jewelry and have given up on eating cookies, here is a brief process description of the decorative immersion plating process.

  • Most jewelry we receive is usually covered with skin creams and oils imbedded in the underside and recessed contours of the piece. We use a gentle three step process to remove all skin oils, dirt and debris.
  • Since the plating process does not conceal scratches or surface dents, we carefully remove them and blend the surfaces to appear sharp and precise.
  • A final polish to brighten the piece is achieved without ruining the contours, satin areas or the prongs holding the gemstones.
  • At the beginning of the plating process we electrically clean the freshly polished pieces to achieve a surgically clean and bright metal surface. This is a crucial step prior to re-plating.
  • Once that is complete your item is pre-plated to “seal” the alloy (copper, silver etc) in the gold base metal to improve the adhesion and durability of the final plating.

The last step is the decorative plating in your choice of rhodium, gold, platinum or palladium. The jewelry is immersed in the plating tank for several minutes. In some cases 45-60 minutes just for our heavy gold plating process. Nothing is merely dipped into a plating tank, the equipment is carefully monitored. The plating chemistry is continuously filtered to remove any dust or contaminants. The plating process area is clean, well lit, dust free and located in an enclosed dedicated area. Only trained plating technicians are allowed to work in this area.

Overall, the jewelry decorative plating process requires skilled craftspeople to prepare the jewelry and trained plating well a thorough understanding of the electroplating process.


Immerse yourself in the results!


White gold rings dipped
If you want the plating on your white gold rings to last for years, don’t just have them “dipped”.


If your jewelry’s dipped, your being ripped

As you can see, there is no “dipping” in the world of professional plating services. It takes more than a few minutes and the results will last far longer. The care and skills required are complex but will always provide you the most durable, brightest and exceptional results for your jewelry and vintage items.

For more information about electroplating and a portfolio of past items we have restored, please download our customer care kit.

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