18kt Medici gold-plated bracelet

Measuring Layer Thickness on Gold Plated Surfaces

One of the most confusing issues for the consumer new to the electroplating field, is the specifications and measurements that are utilized to classify plating thickness. Because specifications play a key role in determining pricing, quality and durability of plated finishes, it is important to clearly understand the definitions, particularly when measuring layer thickness on […]
Ruby ring set plated in platinum

Electroplating of the Platinum Metals Group

The platinum Metals Group consists of six metals: platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium and osmium. The metals are chemically similar and usually are found together in their ores. As a group, they share many common characteristics such as high melting points, resistance to corrosion, and excellent hardness. All of these metals are relatively scarce and […]
Bright Rhodium-plated ring

Characteristics of Electroplated Rhodium Plating Finishes

Characteristics of Electroplated Rhodium Plating Finishes Over the last 40 years, significant technical refinements to rhodium electroplating processes for industrial products have enabled its broader commercial usage for a wide variety of decorative applications. Similar in color and specularity to polished hexavaent chrome, rhodium is the most tarnish resistant member of the platinum metals group. […]
Scots pin: Before and After

Basics of Electroplating Principles

Electroplating can be defined as the deposit of a very thin layer of metal “electrolytically” to a base metal to enhance or change its appearance. Electroplating is done in a liquid solution called an electrolyte (fig. a ), also known as a “plating bath”. The plating bath is a specially designed chemical bath that has […]
Luigi Brugnatelli

Electroplating History (and electrodeposition of metals)

Electroplating History The history of electroplating (electrodeposition) of precious metals onto lesser metal can be reliably traced back to around 1800. Italian chemist and university professor Luigi Brugnatelli, is considered by many as the first person to utilize gold in the electroplating process. Brugnatelli was a friend of Allisandro Volta, who had just discovered the […]
Gold-Plated Medallion

An Overview of Gold-Filled Processes and Their Legal Classifications

The joining of a base metal with an outer layer of gold has played an important commercial role in the jewelry industry and their related trades for over 150 years. Commonly referred to as “gold filled” this process is also known in the industry as “rolled gold”, “gold overlay”, or “metal cladding”. The process for […]