Military medallion: Special Forces Medic

Military Medallions

The importance of military medallions Military medallions have a special role in lives of service members and their families. Military medallions feature the insignia, symbolism or motto of a military branch or specific unit.  You often see them within a flag case as commemoration for a service member who is retired or passed on. They […]
Heirloom Restoration: Christmas Ornament

Heirloom Ornaments

A storehouse of memories For those who celebrate the Christmas traditions, decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments is a fun and memorable way to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family. Just like other heirloom items, ornaments are a storehouse of special and personal memories. Each Christmas, when we pick up an ornament, we […]
Sports Medallion Restoration

Sports Medal Restoration: Swimming Medallions

The journey to victory Throughout history, medals have long been an important symbol of achievement and recognition. Looking upon them, one not only savors the victory, but also reflects upon entire journey toobtain that victory. The person we were at the beginning of the journey is not the same as the person we are at […]

Here be dragons: Dragon holding a pearl

Eastern Mysticism meets Western Alchemy Dragons possess transformative qualities, the ability to shed scales and become more powerful and dynamic. Restoring dragons allows us the opportunity to harness that energy for our own purposes and further perpetuate the belief that dragons are real. One of the most iconic depictions in dragon mythology is that of […]

Ancient Flying Machine

Many names, one iconic image It has many different names: Tollima figther jet, Quimbayan airplane, Aztec flying machine. All of the names refer to gold figurines that can be found throughout Central and South American ruins and burial grounds. The design has manifested itself in many pre-columbian cultures that existed from 300 to 1550 CE. […]

Vortex Pendant

The power of amulets From time immemorial, amulets vary widely in design and intent. Every culture across all ages have used amulets in one form or the other. Whether it be a symbol of external power or internal power, amulets have always played in key role in the human condition.  In the end, the intent […]

Gold Plated Curettes

Gold plated gift ideas for Medical and Dental professionals Some of the best gifts to give are those that are used within the profession you work in. In the case medical industry professionals, we often get inquiries about gold plating for various surgical tools. Some of them were passed down from a relative, while others […]