Allergic to white gold jewelry? Now what?

Allergic to white gold jewelry
White gold rings plated with rhodium an sealed with a composite coating to prevent nickel allergies.

Allergic to your white gold jewelry? Now What?

You have had your white gold wedding rings and jewelry for years and all of sudden you have developed a painful skin rash. Every time you wear your white gold it happens and it seems to be
getting worse.
You have searched the internet and have read all of the conflicting information about nickel skin allergies offered by well meaning jewelers eager to sell you replacements for your jewelry.
You have search the best medical sources on countless web sites and none of it is good news.
At this point you are confused about what to do next, and you are tired of reading about it.

Allergic to white gold jewelry remediation
With a heavy layer of Rhodium and composite coating, you can be free from nickel allergies.

In your mind you run through all of the possible options.

  • Do you replace all of your white gold jewelry that you have had for years?
  • Do you stop wearing your wedding set that you have worn 24/7?
  • Will the nickel go away if you just stop wearing your white gold jewelry a few weeks?
  • Should you seek out and purchase topical skin ointments that may or may not work?
  • Do you replace all of your white gold jewelry that you have had for years?

None of these options seem very practical.

So what is the best option? Your best option is to keep your white gold jewelry! Chances are they are the most sentimental pieces you own and represent the best moments in your life. You can’t let nickel allergies win this easily! You just need to keep the nickel in your jewelry from causing any future outbreaks of painful and annoying skin irritations.

The RhodiLux option

We are proud to introduce our new RhodiLux composite coating system. Used in conjunction with a heavy layer of rhodium plating, our RhodiLux process provides an additional secure barrier over your white gold ring. Your jewelry is completely encapsulated in a clear protective coating! Not only does this coating triple the life of your rhodium plating, it is tough and virtually undetectable. If you are allergic to white gold jewelry, our RhodiLux composite coating system is by far your best option.  Combined with the best rhodium plating process in the industry, our RhodiLux composite coating prevents any skin exposure to the nickel alloy in your white gold jewelry.

Allergic to white gold jewelry options
White gold jewelry plated with heavy rhodium followed by a composite coating.

Love your white gold jewelry again in 5 easy steps!

  • Step 1. Your jewelry will be thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants.
  • Step 2. Your jewelry will be expertly re-polished; all scratches will be removed where practical.
  • Step 3. Your jewelry will be pre-plated with a proprietary precious metal coating as the first critical step to seal the nickel content in the white gold alloy.
  • Step 4. Your jewelery will be plated with a heavy layer of bright rhodium which will provide additional protection from nickel exposure.
  • Step 5. Your jewelry will be electrically sealed with our RhodiLux composite coating which provides the ultimate protection from nickel exposure!


Allergic to Nickel?

Yes, but it doesn’t matter anymore! Your favorite jewelry may not be nickel free but with our RhodiLux composite coating process you can be free from nickel allergies.


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