Plating Services

At Metal Arts Specialties, our electroplating capabilities are very comprehensive and include the widest range of plating materials, thicknesses, colors and tints available for your jewelry, fine craft, metal restoration, and refinishing needs.

We also offer plating services for numerous engineering, R&D, proof of concept, and specialty type applications.

All of our electroplating processes employ the latest non-cyanide-based chemistries and safest methods available.

Electroplating Finishes

Gold Plating:

A wide variety of gold plating finishes and thicknesses are available for your personal selection. They include 14kt,18kt, 24kt Yellow Gold, 18kt Rose Gold, 18kt Green Gold, and a premier 14kt Hamilton Yellow Gold for high wear and extra durability. We also offer specialty gold plating services that comply with type1 and type 2 specifications of MIL-G-45204C.

Platinum Plating

An extremely versatile and excellent hard silver-gray finish that is utilized as a decorative surface finish, and is highly resistant to oxidation. It is considered a premium protective finish over sterling silver and nickel basis metal. Platinum electroplating is used extensively in electronics, medical implants, and scientific instruments. Electroplated platinum finishes provide a moderate-cost alternative relative to rhodium.

Palladium Plating

An excellent hard “white gray” finish that is increasingly being utilized as a replacement for nickel undercoatings in the jewelry and watch industry. Often mistaken for “white gold”, palladium finishes are characterized by high tarnish resistance and can be used as an alternative to rhodium when costs are a prime consideration.

Rhodium Plating

Of the platinum group metals, rhodium is the most widely used material when tarnish prevention is of the highest priority. Among rhodium’s desirable properties are its brilliant white color, high reflectivity, and resistance to incidental surface abrasion. It can be used as a final anti-tarnish finish over silver or nickel items to eliminate any discoloration. It is especially effective for necklaces and chains where contact with natural oils from the skin can quickly dull most non-gold jewelry items. As an engineering coating, rhodium provides a highly stable coating for components subjected to harsh chemical environments at elevated temperatures.

Ruthenium Plating

A ruthenium plated finish is similar in appearance to black nickel plating but with a much harder finish. It has a unique dark appearance that can be varied from a distinctive light gray through gray-black. It is also the hardest of all the platinum group metals and has an extremely durable and chemically stable finish.

If you would like to contact us regarding any questions about your plating needs please e-mail us using our convenient inquiry worksheet located on the contact page. Or if you prefer, you can call us at +1 (248) 821-3450 between the hours of 8 AM–6 PM EST. We will ask you a few simple questions about the type of item you would like to have plated.

To help us, please measure the dimensions of the object before calling us, also note it’s a physical condition (i.e. tarnished finish, dents, scratches). With this basic information, we will be happy to assist you with the personal detail that will guarantee your complete satisfaction.

If this is an engineering application a clear description of the type of environment or characteristics needed will help us determine the most appropriate plating specifications for your design.