First Images Of Apple Watch Hermes Double Tour

Gold Plated Apple Watch Hermès

The gold plated Apple Watch Hermès is a brilliant way to express yourself. Since its fall debut, the Apple Watch Hermès continues to be pursued by fashion connoisseurs around the globe. Now that it is available for sale at the Apple site, these brands will fuel the chic fashion-tech demand that has emerged in recent […]
gold plated Apple watch

Five things you don’t know about plating the Apple Watch Series 2

Five things you don’t know about plating the Apple Watch Getting an Apple Watch gold-plated is an inexpensive way to have the look of the pricey Apple Edition watches—but there are several factors that, if not considered, can end up costing you more. The Apple Watch is now finally yours. You’ve waited a long time—you’ve […]
Gold Plated Apple Watch

First images of a gold plated Apple Watch

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Apple Watch Plating: Five Questions You Need To Ask It’s been eight months since Apple revealed their intent to market a smart watch to the world.  During that time, our team at Metal Arts Specialties (owners of Artisan Plating) formed a joint venture with The Time Preserve team to research the proposed Apple design. […]
Vintage Charm Bracelets

Restoring Vintage Charm Bracelets

Before twitter, there was glitter In the age of instant gratification, people have become careless with their memories. With the help of a camera phone, every mundane detail is preserved to the point where one can no longer distinguish the banal from the memorable. The pictures are there, but the feelings are not. There was […]
Gold Plated TAMS pin

Token and Medal Society 50 Year Pins

The Token and Medal Society: Having fun and preserving history Founded in 1960, The token and medal society (TAMS) is more than just collecting coins. Known as “exonumia”, TAMS is an organization that is dedicated to the collection, discussion and preservation of an eclectic assortment of tokens, medals, badges and medallions representing all aspects of […]
Treasures from the dongtai antique market

Treasures from the dongtai road antique market

Dongtai road antique market: Where dragons go to bargain Whether you are a bargain hunter or not, those who visit Shanghai will definitely enjoy the dongtai road antique market in Shanghai. Located in the LuWan district, you’ll find an endless array of bronze statues, jade miniatures, vintage Mao era propaganda posters, old shanghai memorabilia, all […]
gold plated Apple watch

Stainless Steel Apple Watch

Interested in changing your stainless steel Apple Watch® into gold? You love the look, but you don’t want to spend 10k-20k on the new Apple Watch? The good news is that Apple is offering many of their models in finely crafted stainless steel.  We are very excited to announce that beginning May 1st 2015, the […]
Gold Apple watch plating services

Gold Apple Watch

IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Apple Watch Plating: Five Questions You Need To Ask Interested in owning a gold Apple Watch? Not all Apples are golden but yours can be! We are very excited to announce that beginning May 1st 2015, the Artisan plating team will be providing gold plating services for selected stainless steel models from […]
Michell Kwan Medal platinum plated

From the archives: Michelle Kwan Medal Project

Opening the plating archives Over the last 40 years, we have accumulated thousands of pictures of objects that we have plated. After the project is finished, the pictures are filed away and not looked at again. It wasn’t until recently that we began to digitize our archives that we’ve had a chance to look back […]
WWII dog tags

WWII Dog Tags

History of dog tags Military identification tags, or “dog tags” as they are known, contain important information about the soldier such as name, spouse, social security number, address and religious preference. Dog tags go back as early at the American Civil War. The army did not provide i.d. tags, so soldiers would write their name and […]