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We are Artisan Plating and we specialize in gold plating, electroplating, and vintage jewelry using eco-friendly methods.

Artisan Plating—world experts in watch plating, and gold plating rare and vintage items. Since 1973, Artisan Plating has specialized in custom gold plating, electroplating, and restoration of fine metal objects for clients and individuals working in vintage jewelry, goldsmithing, and professional trades. We specialize in all thicknesses of custom gold plating, platinum, rhodium, palladium, and ruthenium plating from the consumer up to military-grade specifications.

Read our interview in Wired Magazine to learn more about our process and why we are the only company to guarantee an industry first: a two-year plating guarantee. Our competitors only guarantee the gold plating on their Apple Watches to last 30 days. You get what you pay for. See our photo gallery of the Apple Watches we’ve plated for our customers.

eco-friendly pledge

Our Pledge: We use only earth-friendly plating processes employ the latest non-cyanide-based chemistries and safest methods available.

Our comprehensive gold plating services include:

14kt Gold, including classic our “Hamilton” warm yellow.
18kt Gold, featuring our exotic “Medici yellow” color.
24kt Gold, specially formulated for award and presentation items.

Specialty Gold Plated Finishes In:

18kt Rose Gold, a sumptuous deep red finish used on fine jewelry.
16kt Pink Gold, bright luxurious pink for fashion items, an exceptionally beautiful finish!
“Mil-Spec” Gold, a wide range of gold specifications to meet your R&D and engineering requirements.

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Download Our Gold Plating Thickness Infographic

Download our gold-plating thickness infographic illustrating the full range of gold thickness for commonly plated items. This is critical consumer information you will not find anywhere else!

For additional information regarding electroplating and metal refinishing, be sure to visit our Electroplating FAQs. If we can assist you in your custom plating and metal refinishing needs, please contact us.

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