First Images Of Apple Watch Hermes Double Tour

Gold Plated Apple Watch Hermès

Gold Plated Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour

First Images Of Gold Plated Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour

The gold plated Apple Watch Hermès is a brilliant way to express yourself.

Since its fall debut, the Apple Watch Hermès continues to be pursued by fashion connoisseurs around the globe. Now that it is available for sale at the Apple site, these brands will fuel the chic fashion-tech demand that has emerged in recent years. Designated the Double Tour, Single Tour, and Cuff, these watches have an Hermès inspired face designed by Apple and leather straps handmade by Hermès in France. As you turn the watch over, both the Apple Watch and Hermès names appear on the back around the heart sensor.

The Apple Watch Hermès illustrates fashion that connects Hermès with their equestrian tradition. Wrapped twice around the wrist is the Double Tour. This watch comes in a 38mm stainless steel case with bands in four colors: Capucine, Bleu Jean, Fauve, and Etain (pictured above). The Single Tour comes as a 38mm or 42mm stainless steel case and band colors Noir and Fauve. An optional color called Capucine is available on the 38mm. The Cuff is a 42mm stainless steel case with a leather band in the color Fauve. The Cuff allows the heart rate sensor to be in contact with the wrist at all times.

Last fall we created a gold plated Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour for a customer. The result was a precise match to the gold Apple Watch edition. A gold monogram designed by was added to the band and can be engraved with choice of initials or design.

Gold Plated Apple Watch Hermès Double TourThe right partnerships create the best outcomes. We know. Our partnership with The Time Preserve produces the highest quality gold plated Apple Watch Hermès in the world. Our work comes with a Two Year warranty with no deductible. Take your tour with The Time Preserve today and wear the Apple Watch you’ve always deserved.

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