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We have provided a list of related web links that offer a good perspective of metal finishing for a wide variety of decorative and engineering applications.

Metal Finishing Sites

American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society – Their primary mission is to advance the “sciences related” technology to all aspects of metal surface finishing. Excellent links to the plating and finishing industry.

Products Finishing Magazine – An excellent resource for surface finishing news and technical information. This site is provided by the publishers of Products Finishing magazine. Great technical articles and links to numerous industrial finishing resources.

National Association of Metal Finishers – This association represent hundreds of small independent metal finishers located throughout the U.S. Nice resource!

Finishing.com – A non-affiliated, independently owned web site dedicated to the free exchange of technical information for anyone interested in metal finishing. This is where conehead theory and real world experience collide. Great site!

Metal Restoration Sites

AIC – American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works is a premier organization dedicated to the advancement of art conservation practices. Excellent guidelines for selecting a conservator as well as resources and links to professionals in the field of conservation.

Association of Restorers – This is an organization that is dedicated to the preservation of historical works of art, household furnishings and architectural construction. A well laid out site with useful information and links to restoration articles and resources.

Metalsmithing Sites

Metal Arts Guild – Based in Ontario Canada, this site serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas for professional metal artists and jewelers. Extensive links to artists, galleries and educational resources.

Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) – An organization representing professional metalsmiths and academia dedicated to the exploration of new metal techniques and design. An interesting well laid out site but somewhat highbrow and elitist in tone (in a nice way). Extensive links to art galleries!

Society of American Silversmiths  This site represents professional silversmiths designing, producing, and restoring silver holloware and related silver objects. A large and extremely useful site for anything related to the field of silversmithing.

Knifemaking Sites

Knifemakers Guild Of America – If your are interested in fine craftsmanship combined with some of the nicest and remarkably talented craftspersons of fine cutlery in the world, this organization is a good place to start.

Blade Magazine – Published by Krause communications, this fine magazine is focused on the showcasing of finely crafted collector knives, military edged weapons, and unique cutlery of all types.

Clock and Watch Sites

Accutrons.com – This is a premier watch site that is focused on the repair of tuning fork watch movements. They also prepare and complete all types of timepieces for extensive restoration work. Our company utilizes their services on a collaborative basis for many of our gold plated watch and clock restorations.

Antique Vintage Watches – If you are interested in vintage Hamilton watches, this is a good place to start. Great access to fine watches that are being offered to the public for sale. Excellent site navigation with links to other watch sources.

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors – Headquartered in Columbia, Pa its membership includes hobbyists, collectors and professionals in the retail and manufacturing trades.

Mike’s Clock Clinic – Mike Murray does an excellent job providing a forum and links for everything clock related. Useful site for the watch and clock enthusiast!

Watches-lexic – An excellent site for all things relating to the Swiss watch industry. Extensive web links to European watch and clock resources.

Horology.com – One of the most comprehensive web sites for anything related to the subject of watches and time keeping. A large site with excellent web links to other watch and clock sites.

Other Useful Sites

American Craft Council (ACC) – This site provides a wide variety of useful information and resources for the fine craft field. They also publish American Craft magazine which helps foster the sales and collection of fine craft objects.

Costume Jewelry Collecting – An educational and entertainment site for costume jewelry collectors. They provide up to date news on auctions and collector events, history and research. Excellent search engine, shopping resources and a comprehensive how-to library. One of our favorite sites!

Engineering Fundamentals – This is one of the most helpful sites we have found to date for engineering based calculations and data. If you need to find metal alloys, convert data, or locate a technology supplier, this site does it all. Wear your pocket protecters!

Guild.com — A well designed site for the buyer and collector of fine art and craft items. Excellent quality work by some of America’s most talented artists and crafts persons. Highly recommended!

Jewelrymaking.about.com – A well designed site hosted by Tammy Powley. This site has numerous links to resources for the jewelry enthusiast. Very well done and easy to navigate!

Jewelry Discount Network – It’s not often we run into a quality site that has it all for the jewelry and gem affectionado! If your are into personal adornment and don’t wish to spend more for quality than is necessary than this is the site to visit. Besides offering 50% discount on most jewelry and diamonds, they offer access to fine antique, estate jewelry and vintage designer accessories. Excellent navigation with useful links to everything jewelry related.

Professional Jeweler Magazine – This site provides the online version for Professional Jeweler Magazine which is published by Bond Communications. As the name implies, this site is focused on commercial and technical issues as they relate to the jewelry trade. Excellent online access to their previously published articles.

Unitedartworks.com – An interesting site created by Andrew Werby and Michael Bush. Focused toward the practicing studio artists, this site offers helpful techniques, articles and extensive links to art related resources. Highly recommended!

World Gold Council – Headquartered in London, England, this site is hosted by the World Gold Council. Numerous resources relating to the decorative and industrial uses for gold as well as the financial trends affecting the usages of gold can be found here.


Comparison Reference for Microns
1000 microns = 1 millimeter, 1 micron = 39.37 microinches,
125 microns or .125 millimeters = thickness of 1 human hair follicle
Comparison Reference for Microinches
1 microinch = 1 one millionth of an inch, 39.37 microinches = 1 micron,
4921 microinches or 4.92 mils = thickness of 1 human hair follicle
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