Plating Pricing

Minimum order: $60.00 (Does not include shipping or insurance costs). We offer special discounts for recurring orders and for orders over $500.

Payment Methods

We accept VISA We accept MasterCard We accept VISA, MasterCard, cashier’s checks and personal checks. Payment for all services must be paid for in advance. We do not accept purchase orders. Sorry, no COD orders are accepted.

What factors affect pricing?

Pricing for electroplating services can vary because of different factors, including:

  1. Type of metal (brass, white gold, etc.)
  2. Desired plating metal (gold, platinum, ruthenium, etc.)
  3. Size and shape of the item.
  4. Number of items
  5. Condition of the item (scratches, dents, etc.)

*The plating process does not hide or mask surface imperfections. The item you have in mind may need to be polished or cleaned prior to plating.

Need a Quote? It would be helpful if you gave us the following…

To give you the most accurate quote, provide the following information when contacting us:

Photos of your item next to a ruler

  1. Photos of the item next to a ruler
  2. Desired plating service
  3. Type and quantity of items.
  4. How often you wear the item (24/7, while swimming, etc.)
  5. Its physical condition (tarnish, dents scratches, etc.)

Feel free to us by phone or email. Customer service will respond to you within 24 hours of your inquiry.

For more information regarding faqs, pricing tables, and order forms please download our customer care kit.

Our company has a 24 hr. monitored state of the art fire and theft alarm system on our premises. However, due to prohibitive costs, we advise all customers that our company does not carry insurance for customer goods. Before you ship anything to us, please make sure that you have the item fully insured by your own insurance company.

To get a better idea of the type of finish you want, be sure to visit our Portfolio Section on this site. If we can assist you in your custom plating and metal refinishing needs, please contact us.