Scottish Heraldry Badges

It’s Great To Be A Scotsman Since we are in an area where there are many people of Scottish descent, we often get the pleasure of restoring and re-plating many unique types of ceremonial regalia and badges. Here is an example of an “heraldic badge” sent to us for restoration and re-plating. This type of […]

Here Be Dragons

Fiery legends from the Sky We all love dragons. Especially the lore and magic associated with their numerous images found every civilization from antiquity to present day. Once again, the myth of dragons are finding their way back into everyday life. Some people say there are no such things as dragons, and that they have […]

Ten Things You Need to Know About Rhodium Plating

As the popularity of white gold fashion jewelry increases, with it emerges two issues that affect today’s consumers. The first issue issue is the usage of rhodium plating as a top coat over the white gold. The second issue is skin allergies caused from nickel alloys used in white gold jewelry. Both issues are inter-related […]