Vortex Pendant

Vortex Pendant

The power of amulets

From time immemorial, amulets vary widely in design and intent. Every culture across all ages have used amulets in one form or the other. Whether it be a symbol of external power or internal power, amulets have always played in key role in the human condition.  In the end, the intent of an amulet is to harness the power of the human mind and to allow manifestations during the  transformational journey.

Before: Vortex Pendant in need of re-balancing
Before: Vortex Pendant in need of re-balancing

Vortex pendant: Re-balance and re-focus the universe

Here is an example of a amulet, known as a “vortex” pendant. It’s spiral shaped design serves as a point of intent for the conscious mind to focus on something that is unconsciously desired. This could be health, prosperity, altered state of consciousness etc. The spiral shape can also act as an intermediary force and harness energies not perceived with our five senses.

After: Vortex pendant plated with bright rhodium

Aligning conscious decision with unconscious intent

Individuals often send us their prized vortex pendants and amulets to be refurbished with different precious metals like gold, rhodium, platinum or ruthenium. In conversation with the owner, the chosen plated metal is symbolic of a desired transformation that is being sought after. The individuals who send us their vortex pendant have deep convictions and well defined intentions of how this precious metal affects the performance of their pendant.

In this case, the owner felt that rhodium plating best represented the transformation that he was seeking. Now, no transformation would be complete without a thorough cleansing process. In this case the brass base metal for the chain and the vortex were expertly cleaned of all oxides and tarnish. A gentle polish of the chain and pendant provided a bright new finish suitable for the final rhodium plate. Rhodium plating does not tarnish and will maintain a pristine and pure reflection white light. In contrast the green gem stone stands out as the collector of energy with its focus directed toward the vortex “saucer” with its spiral arrangement of pyramids.

Across the eons and over the arrow of time, the universe is being balanced one amulet at a time. Wheres your amulet?


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