Gold Plated Curettes

Gold Plated Curettes

Gold plated gift ideas for Medical and Dental professionals

Some of the best gifts to give are those that are used within the profession you work in. In the case medical industry professionals, we often get inquiries about gold plating for various surgical tools. Some of them were passed down from a relative, while others were newly bought to be used as a graduation present for a young professional entering the field. All of them are unique and have their own story to tell.  On this particular project, the individual had a pair of curettes that he wanted to have gold plated to be presented as a retirement gift.

bone curettes
Before: A pair of bone curettes used in a retirement gift project.

What is a curette?

A curette is a spoon shaped surgical instrument. It is used for the removal of tissue from the walls of body cavities. The majority are made from stainless steel and have many different shapes and uses throughout the medical and dental industry. You’ve most likely seen a periodontal curette during the last visit to your dentist.


22kt gold plate curette
After: an exquisite pair of 22kt gold plated curettes.

A 22kt gold plated curette

These particular curettes were bone curettes. The owner wanted them to be gold plated and then mounted on a plaque to be given to a colleague as a retirement gift. How the item will be used helps us determine which gold plated color is most suitable. Since this was to be used as a retirement gift, we elected to plate the curettes with 22kt gold. Our 22kt gold plating has a rich, deep yellow color. It is the color you will see on trophies, medals, military pins and retirement gifts. The result is a beautiful pair of curettes to that will be given to a member of the medical industry as a gratitude for his/her years of service.


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