Here Be Dragons

Here Be Dragons

Fiery legends from the Sky

We all love dragons. Especially the lore and magic associated with their numerous images found every civilization from antiquity to present day. Once again, the myth of dragons are finding their way back into everyday life. Some people say there are no such things as dragons, and that they have never existed. We simply don’t believe them.

Now let’s go feed my pet unicorns.

Here be dragons: before
Here be dragons: BEFORE

A Dark Beginning

This articulate dragon bracelet began it’s journey of transformation as a dark scorched dragon made from stainless steel. A well constructed piece that utilizes a cleverly devised clasp integrated within the dragon’s hinged jaws. Visually, the dark appearance detracts from the overall inherent beauty of the design.

Clearly this dragon looked as if it had lost its last fire fight. In discussions with the owner and based upon legend and preferences, yellow gold plating was selected as the decorative choice.

Here be dragons: after
Here be dragons: AFTER

A Golden Transformation

We carefully removed the lacquer coating and the dark oxides. After some gentle, polishing, a pre-plate was used to seal the base metal. This piece was now ready for its golden transformation.

Freshly re-plated with a sumptuous heavy layer of our 18kt Medici Gold plating, this dragon is now suitable for sleeping on a hoard of treasure or in this case, the owner’s wrist.

This dragon will endure many years of legendary wear.

Do you have a dragon that needs its scales polished? Let us know.


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