Palladium Plating Pricing Guide

Palladium Plating Pricing Guide
Palladium (Pd)

Palladium is utilized as a lower cost alternative to rhodium plating. It is characterized by its “white gray” appearance. Though not as tarnish resistant as platinum or rhodium, palladium resists discoloring and is quite stable under most environmental conditions.

Used primarily over sterling silver and gold items, palladium can also be plated onto a wide variety of other metal materials (i.e. steel bronze, brass). It has exceptional resistance to scratching and incidental abrasions.

From a decorative standpoint, palladium is an excellent alternative to bright nickel-plated finishes, and can be used as an undercoat for gold vermeil jewelry. If you are skin sensitive to nickel finishes, palladium finishes are a good alternative.

All items that we plate are meticulously cleaned and plated with a .20 micron layer of palladium.

Below are our pricing rates that will give you an idea of the basic costs and affordability for many of the most frequently plated items.

Due to the volatility for the costs of palladium the pricing data can only serve as a general guide. We will be happy to provide you with a firm price once we have a chance to view the item.

Jewelry Items

Palladium Elctroplating Guide**
Bright, Mirror Finish
Belt Buckle*$25–$90
Bracelet $25–$70
Cuff Links*$25–$55
Key Rings*$30–$55
Letter Opener$45–$75
Money Clips*$25–$70
Watches*Call for quote
Other ItemsCall for quote
*Add 20% for scratch removal
** Based on .20 microns avg. plated thickness

Miscellaneous Items

Palladium Electroplating Guide**
Bright, Mirror Finish
ArchitecturalCall for quote
Custom Knives*$30–$125
Flatware*Call for quote
Gun PartsN/A
Napkin Rings*$35–$60
Small SculptureCall for quote
Sports ItemsCall for quote
Trophies*Call for quote
Writing Instruments$25–$75
Other ItemsCall for quote
*Add 20% for scratch removal
** Based on .20 microns avg. plated thickness

Engineering Applications

For engineering and medical applications, we offer palladium plated finishes that complies with MIL-P-45209B.

Plating Thickness: Palladium

All palladium plating services for engineering and medical applications are by quote only. We will be happy to provide you with firm pricing after we have examined the actual piece(s) and understand the scope of the project.

If you would like additional information please email us. If you have an item you would like us to plate, please feel free to use our printable mailing labels, printable packing list and insurance guidelines located on the contact page.

Or if you prefer, you can call us between 8AM and 6PM EST. One of our courteous staff will be happy to assist you with the personal detail that will guarantee your complete satisfaction.

If you are interested in learning more detail about the electroplating process, we invite you to visit our FAQ pages.

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