Seven Factors for Highly Effective Watch Replating, Part 4

watch replating

Successful Watch Replating

Now that we have a basic introduction to the electroplating process, lets examine the key issues that contribute to successful watch replating. From the author’s opinion and experience there are 7 basic factors that will impact the overall beauty, luster and long term durability of your replated watch.

In reality there are a great deal more than seven, but they have more to do with procedural steps during the electroplating process and are outside of the scope of this article. By the way all through this article you will encounter a great deal of the author’s opinion! Of course there will be no extra charge for this.

The seven factors are:

  1. Thickness of the goldplated layer as it relates to durability, discoloring, and the overall average gold thickness in the recessed areas of the watch case.
  2. Hardness of the gold plated layer as it relates to scratching, incidental abrasion and resistance to chipping.
  3. Adhesion of the gold plated layer to the surface of the watchcase.
  4. Underplating of the goldplated layer with copper and nickel to improve tarnish resistance.
  5. Porosity and its elimination within the gold plated layer as it relates to resistance to oxidation and diffusion.
  6. Color and tint of the goldplated finish relative to aesthetics and the original manufacturers specifications.
  7. Surface finish as it relates to cleaning and repolishing prior to the final electroplating process.

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